Breakthrough Ministries is a registered non-profit. Founded by Maury Blair, he remains devoted to sharing the message – “hope is here”. The ministry directs donations towards providing “Child of Woe” books free of charge or at minimal cost. Volunteers carry out as many duties as possible. Others receive modest compensation to carry out needed tasks.

As well as responding to direct requests, Breakthrough Ministries aims to distribute “Child of Woe” books and Graphic Novels to organizations working with victims of abuse, those battling drug and alcohol addiction, victims of sex trafficking, prison chaplaincy, and the disenfranchised living on the margins of society.

We acknowledge that the marginalized and organizations serving them often lack the financial resources to purchase “Child of Woe”, even at cost.

You can help with Maury’s message of hope!

Your donation to Breakthrough Ministries will not be allocated towards administrative costs, but will directly go to supplying “Child of Woe” publications to those individuals or organizations helping them.

If you’d like more information and to come along-side Maury Blair, we’d love to talk with you! Tap the Interest Form Link below to connect.