His depressed mother left him in a field to die. His abusive father tried to beat him to death. God used a tiny church ‘on the wrong side of town’ to sow seeds of hope into the ‘worst kids in town.’
With no signs of hope… Believers kept praying!

Maury’s Divine encounter transformed a childhood of suffering into an inspiring story of redemption, strength and hope. Through his compassion and engaging humour, Maury has spread the
message of Christ’s power to overcome any situation. From prison ministry to working with the abused, Maury also served with Teen Challenge over twenty years.

Currently residing in Cambridge, Ontario with his wife, Bev, Maury
takes pride in being a father to two daughters, Lisa and Laury. As a
credentialed minister within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada,
Maury remains committed to his faith and the mission to help others
overcome abuse. Maury is available to speak to your group – from
youth to senior’s ministries.

Read or listen to his books, watch his movie, listen to interviews as he
answers difficult questions on abuse.